Williamsburg Roof Cleaning

All Smiles Roof Cleaning offers friendly and professional roof cleaning services that can transform any roof in the Williamsburg, Virginia area.

You may have seen our company using our top quality, environmentally safe roof cleaning solution in neighborhoods like Governor’s Land, Ford’s Colony, Kingsmill and Berkeley’s Green, taking care of those black streaks and nasty roof stains:

Cleaning a steep Williamsburg roof

Watch our Williamsburg roof cleaning video on the All Smiles Roof Cleaning Youtube channel.

Free Estimates on Roof Cleaning in Williamsburg, Virginia

If you’re in Williamsburg and are ready to have your roof looking like new again, give us a call or complete our free roof cleaning estimate form, and we’ll do our best to put a smile on your face in no time.

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Richmond Roof Cleaning

All Smiles Roof Cleaning provides friendly, honest, and professional roof cleaning services that can bring new life to any roof in Richmond, Virginia. Our roof cleaners are fully trained and use brand name quality roof cleaning solution that is safe for your pets, your plants, and our environment.

Richmond Roof Cleaning

Free Richmond Roof Cleaning Estimates

If you need a roof cleaning in Richmond, roof or gutter repairs or replacement, or a deck cleaned, give us a call at 804-514-3898 or use our Free Estimate Form for a call back within 24 hours.

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Deck Cleaning

Cleaning a deck to prepare for stain or paint is what we consider to be a power washer’s trademark. Even if you aren’t planning to refinish it, having your deck cleaned not only makes it more beautiful, but is an important preventative maintenance measure when done right. Our careful and professional deck cleaning technique can add years to your deck or patio, save you time and money, and is the perfect preparation for getting your deck stained or painted.



Our Deck Cleaning Process

All Smiles Roof Cleaning‘s deck cleaning process safely removes mildew, algae, dirt, and discoloration, leaving it bright, fresh, and restored. We use top-quality, brand name cleaners that are safe for pets, people, and the environment. All of our deck cleaning work is guaranteed to provide a good surface for sealing.

We first use a deck cleaner that kills mold and mildew by drawing it out of the wood. Then we apply a medium pressure cleaner to strip mold and fungus from the wood. We’re very careful to use regulated pressure washing so as not to gouge, splinter, or otherwise damage the wood.

Once your wooden deck is properly cleaned, it looks brand new, except for any pre-existing cracks, chips, aging, or weathering. When the deck cleaning is complete and it has dried, you’ll see its natural golden brown color has returned, and that it’s now a good surface to hold paint or stain.

We Also Work Miracles On Outdoor Furniture Cleaning


Careful and Safe Deck Cleaning

We are careful of plants and landscaping near your deck and patio while we’re cleaning it. Give us a call at 804-514-3898 or use the form on the left to arrange your free deck cleaning estimate today.

House Washing

All Smiles Roof Cleaning provides professional house washing of residential home exteriors in the Williamsburg, Richmond, and Newport News, Virginia area.

We make getting your house washed very simple and easy for you. We can wash most houses from the ground using special tips which can spray upwards to 40-50ft, allowing us to apply our roof cleaners safely from the ground. Our cleaning solution for house washing of vinyl siding, painted or stained wood siding, stucco, and painted wood trim is a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water. Rust stains require a different cleaner and cleaning process, and we’ve got that covered, too.

After running through the pressure washer and applied on surfaces, the bleach is diluted down to about 8 gallons of water to 1 gallon of bleach. Once applied, we rinse off all plants and shrubberies close to your house. Then we very thoroughly rinse the house, all trim, siding, and windows, getting all bugs, spider webs, wasp nests, dirt divers, and bleach off the side of the house.

Using bleach: the difference between house washing and roof cleaning

If you have read the roof cleaning page you may be confused now because I strongly disagree with cleaning a roof with bleach, but we use bleach to clean the house. The difference between the two bleach cleaning solutions is, to clean a roof with bleach it has to be extremely strong, pretty much strait chlorine with added Tri-Sodium-Phosphate, another powerful cleaner. When the two are mixed together and applied on surface a roof, when the cleaners runs of it will kill everything that it comes in contact with. When we use bleach to clean a house it’s already diluted, then diluted again when ran through the pressure washer.

Additionally, when we are spraying cleaners were aiming directly at the house and were not spraying 300 gallons of bleach on the house, only a light mist, just enough to wet the siding and kill the mold. Then we add a lot of water rinsing further more diluting the bleach. We never have a problem with killing plants, grass or shrubbery, and if by some chance we do we will replace them.

All Smiles Roof Cleaning house washes come standard with all siding, windows, trim, and brick foundation around the house, and painted surfaces around the front porch area like railings, pickets, and soffits.

Brick Steps Are Included With House Washings


Brick front steps are included as well as any other brick steps connecting to the house. Painted or stained decks are additional charges. The only spots we can’t clean from the ground are spots we can’t see from the ground.

View the Home Pressure Washing Video in our video gallery.

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Roof Cleaning

All Smiles Roof Cleaning offers professional roof pressure cleaning and gutter cleaning services that can bring new life to virtually any roof in Richmond, Williamsburg, and Hampton Roads areas of Virginia. Our reliable pressure washing technicians and gutter installers are well trained and use only the best quality, environmentally safe roof cleaners and materials. We provide an automatic 2-year warranty on all roof cleaning, while offering an optional lifetime warranty.

No Bleach Roof Cleaning

We don’t use bleach based solutions to clean the roof. We use sodium hydroxide based solution also known as caustic soda or lye. Our roof cleaner is a industrial strength degreaser that kills the mold and breaks it loose from the shingles, then we do a very light pressure washing rinse from the top to the bottom of the roof. However, due to the quality of the roof cleaner we use a very light pressure is all that is required. The roof cleaner literally does 90% of the work for us.

When we start cleaning, the results are instant

You can look at the downspouts or gutters and see all the mold washing off the roof in a nearly solid black nasty stream.

House Washing Dsc00059

Once the roof has been properly pressure washed, we give a minimum of 2-year warranty with every roof cleaning. Generally they stay clean for 3-5 years, sometimes as long as 7 years. I’ve been cleaning roofs for about 8 years now, and have seen the difference between the 2 cleaning solutions. The right way is our way. The roofs stay clean longer, and the cleaning solution is environmentally safe. I personally clean all the roofs on every job, not only giving the estimates, but doing the work as well. I don’t send young kids or inexperienced workers to go do the work for me while I sit back and collect the check like most other companies that I know. That way I know the job is done to the very best 100% customer satisfaction.

Buyer Beware

Most of our competitors have started taking the easy way out using bleach and Tri-Sodium-Phosphate with added deodorizers to block the smell of the bleach and (T.S.P.). They add the deodorizes so the homeowners don’t walk outside and smell strait chlorine everywhere. Some pressure washers don’t even bother to get on the roof, they spray from the ground. That’s why some roofs will be clean at the bottom and filthy at the top. I’ve never heard from a customer that my cleaner has harmed or discolored a roof, killed or burnt any plants, grass, or shrubbery.

Bleach, on the other hand, will do all of the above, including changing the color of your roof. It will also dry out the shingles, causing them to become brittle, crack, and lose a lot of granules. Bleach can help kill mold, but the after effects are detrimental to your roof, siding, and plant life. Any spray-on and rinse-off or spray-on and let the rain rinse it is most likely a bleach cleaning solution. Whether the plants are covered or not, the bleach will soak into the ground and the roots of the plants will absorb it and kill them. So buyer beware, please do your homework before you let just anyone clean your roof. 🙂

To top it all off, gutter cleaning comes standard with every roof cleaning!

If you also need roof repairs, gutter repairs, or deck cleaning in the Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia area, give us a call to get a free estimate today.

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