House Washing

All Smiles Roof Cleaning provides professional house washing of residential home exteriors in the Williamsburg, Richmond, and Newport News, Virginia area.

We make getting your house washed very simple and easy for you. We can wash most houses from the ground using special tips which can spray upwards to 40-50ft, allowing us to apply our roof cleaners safely from the ground. Our cleaning solution for house washing of vinyl siding, painted or stained wood siding, stucco, and painted wood trim is a 50/50 mixture of bleach and water. Rust stains require a different cleaner and cleaning process, and we’ve got that covered, too.

After running through the pressure washer and applied on surfaces, the bleach is diluted down to about 8 gallons of water to 1 gallon of bleach. Once applied, we rinse off all plants and shrubberies close to your house. Then we very thoroughly rinse the house, all trim, siding, and windows, getting all bugs, spider webs, wasp nests, dirt divers, and bleach off the side of the house.

Using bleach: the difference between house washing and roof cleaning

If you have read the roof cleaning page you may be confused now because I strongly disagree with cleaning a roof with bleach, but we use bleach to clean the house. The difference between the two bleach cleaning solutions is, to clean a roof with bleach it has to be extremely strong, pretty much strait chlorine with added Tri-Sodium-Phosphate, another powerful cleaner. When the two are mixed together and applied on surface a roof, when the cleaners runs of it will kill everything that it comes in contact with. When we use bleach to clean a house it’s already diluted, then diluted again when ran through the pressure washer.

Additionally, when we are spraying cleaners were aiming directly at the house and were not spraying 300 gallons of bleach on the house, only a light mist, just enough to wet the siding and kill the mold. Then we add a lot of water rinsing further more diluting the bleach. We never have a problem with killing plants, grass or shrubbery, and if by some chance we do we will replace them.

All Smiles Roof Cleaning house washes come standard with all siding, windows, trim, and brick foundation around the house, and painted surfaces around the front porch area like railings, pickets, and soffits.

Brick Steps Are Included With House Washings


Brick front steps are included as well as any other brick steps connecting to the house. Painted or stained decks are additional charges. The only spots we can’t clean from the ground are spots we can’t see from the ground.

View the Home Pressure Washing Video in our video gallery.

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